Helpful Oracle hints I've found and saved


I was recently tasked with upgrading Oracle from version 9i to 10g.

Not having worked much with Oracle before other than writing a few (AWESOME 😉 ) queries, I went on an Oracle DBA course.

It was GREAT fun learning something new, but what is true for MOST courses was true of this one:

Learning in the classroom was no real preparation for real work experience.

With so many different possible combinations/situations, it would have been impossible to prepare myself for "real life".

So, when it comes to trying to find solutions, the possibilities are almost endless thanks to the World Wide InterWebs. But, I want to see YOU trying to remember everything you've found and where you found it.

And that's the reason this site came to be. I wanted a place where I could document and share all the little useful (and sometimes useless 😀 ) pieces of information so that I had it in one place.

I hope this place helps you with what you need.

Oh, and if you have anything to add/share, let me know. Either by leaving a comment or using the contact form.

Let me end off with a joke I heard recently:


An SQL Query walks into a bar. She goes up to a few people at the bar and asks:
"Can I JOIN you?"


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