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How to Increase Oracle SGA

In my post about "Increasing the size of the SGA in Oracle", I gave all the info I found on how to determine what size the SGA should be. BUT, I never actually gave the commands I used to increase the size. You can obviously do this easily in Enterprise Manager, and if you need the screenshots on how to do that, let me know, but I just like how quick SQL commands are via SQL*Plus. So, here they are: Shutdown the...

Increase the size of the SGA

UDPATE: If you're looking for the actual commands on how to do this, view this post (click on the following link): How to increase Oracle's SGA Size Parameters Otherwise, read on to see what people say is the best way to determine the actual SGA size. If you've installed Oracle Enterprise Manager, you've probably seen the following error: Increase the size of the SGA by setting the parameter "sga_target" to 1800 M....
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