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How To Find Your Oracle Version

To quickly find out what version of Oracle software you have installed, you can run the following query: SELECT * FROM V$VERSION This will show you something like the following: BANNER —————————————————————- Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production PL/SQL...

How To Find An Existing ORACLE_HOME_NAME Value

If you've been tasked with uninstalling or upgrading an existing Oracle application, you might be doing it silently. Well, one of the fields in the response file is "ORACLE_HOME_NAME". How do you find the value of an old Oracle installation's Home Name? Easy, go to the "oraInventory/ContentsXML/" directory. An example: My ORACLE_HOME Directory /u01/app/oracle/product/9.2.0/ My "oraInventory/ContentsXML" directory...
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