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Defining ETL Logic

5 Defining ETL Logic After you create and import data object definitions in Oracle Warehouse Builder, you can design extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) operations that move data from sources to targets. In Warehouse Builder, you design these operations in a mapping. This chapter contains the following topics: About Mappings and Operators Summary of Steps for Defining Mappings Creating a Mapping Adding...

Part I

Part I Building Your Data Warehouse Part I discusses building a data warehouse and includes: Chapter 1, "Introduction to Data Warehousing" Chapter 2, "Setting Up Your Data Warehouse System" Chapter 3, "Identifying Data Sources and Importing Metadata" Chapter 4, "Defining Warehouses in Oracle Warehouse Builder"

Identifying Data Sources and Importing Metadata

3 Identifying Data Sources and Importing Metadata This chapter describes how to use Oracle Warehouse Builder to import metadata. This chapter contains the following topics: Overview of Data Sources General Steps for Importing Metadata from Sources About Workspaces, Projects, and Other Devices in Warehouse Builder Example: Importing Metadata from Flat Files Overview of Data Sources In general, the source systems for...

Part II

Part II Loading Data into Your Data Warehouse Part II discusses loading data into the data warehouse and includes: Chapter 5, "Defining ETL Logic" Chapter 6, "Deploying to Target Schemas and Executing ETL Logic"

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