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Extracting the Oracle 10g Client CPIO File

This one I need to put here because I can never find the Oracle 10g Client software.

And, explain to me why it's so HARD to find the 10g software? It seems like Oracle has changed ALL product links to point to the 11g software, which is really cool if you're already USING that version.

Anyway, here's a link to the Oracle 10g Client Software download page (for Solaris – good luck with the rest):

And, as it shows on that page, to extract the cpio file, you use the following command:

cpio -idmv < theFileName

The parameters/arguments are:

-i: Restore files/Extract files

-d: Create any intermediate directories as needed during restore

-m: Keep the same time stamps on the files restored.

-v: Be verbose about operations. List filenames as they are copied in from the archive.

For more cpio options, check out:

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